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Hi, I'm Belinda!

I founded TRU 2 Fitness Health (T2FH) in 2019 because I saw a pressing need to transform wellbeing. As a surgigal nurse, having worked in various medical settings I witnessed the immense challenges faced by healthcare professionals trying to prioritize their own well-being alongside demanding patient care duties. I recognized the hurdles faced in traditional workplace environments, particularly in high-pressure settings like hospitals. Many healthcare workers struggle to prioritize self care and their mental health.

Driven by the belief that no individual should compromise their wellbeing for their career.

That's why I created T2FH—to address these challenges by bringing wellbeing initiatives directly to organizations. My aim is straightforward, make wellbeing accessible and engaging for employees, regardless of their schedule or workplace demands.

Companies are recognizing the importance of keeping employees healthy and happy. They understand how burnout and stress impact productivity and morale as they continue to grapple with pressing challenges such as absenteeism, lost productivity, and negative impacts on their bottom line. The truth is, mental wellbeing is a critical factor in the workplace today.

Despite this growing recognition - something is still “off”

Mental wellbeing affects not only the quantity but also the quality of work produced. These issues continues to contribute to the feelings of overwhelm and dissatisfaction, which ultimately impacts morale. By prioritizing mental health in the workplace, we can create a supportive environment where employees can thrive and contribute their best work.

Discover a new approach to workplace wellbeing.


I prioritize mental well-being, offering solutions that foster cultures where both companies and employees thrive together.

real-time feedback + support

Weekly offerings of live, two-way virtual classes taught by world-class instructors allows for real-time feedback and keeps participants engaged.

The First Class Reboot

Ready to thrive in leadership? Gain essential skills and insights to leap in all aspects of life, from leadership to financial success and overall well-being.

The Red Chair Challenge

Looking to level up? Dive into our the The Red Chair Challenge where power meets poise and resilience becomes your response to stress.

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A diverse team enhances your productivity. Join the Illuminate Women in LeadHER Leadership (I.W.I.L.L) program to boost well-being and shine as a charismatic leader.